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Are You passionate about birthdays? Do you have a story to tell about a birthday (yours or someone else’s?) Do you have tips, advice, or any helpful information that can help people better celebrate their birthdays or have a more memorable one? 

If yes, invites article contributions from the general public on various topics related to birthdays. is a social network that connects people who share the same birthday, allowing them to meet other people with whom they have that special connection, possibly have group birthday celebrations (those in the same Geolocation,) form lifelong friendships, and much more.

In addition to our social network, we also provide our website audience and birthday mates with various kinds of information and other resources that can be helpful to them in celebrating their birthdays. These resources are mostly found on our Birthday Service Provider pages.

Some of these resources include recommendations on:

  • The top birthday caterers
  • The top birthday flower deliveries
  • The top birthday party DJs
  • The top birthday videographers
  • The top party equipment rentals.

Want to Contribute a Guest Article?

There are many benefits to contributing a guest article to our website, including brand exposure, a free do-follow backlinks and more. But you already know all of these.

So on to the good stuff. Here are our guest article submission guidelines.

  1. Absolutely no AI-generated content: Every article that is submitted to us is put through at least 3 different AI-generated text Detector tools and we will reject any content that indicates more than 10% AI-generated text.
  2. Number of Words: Any submitted content must have a word count of between 800 and 1,500 words.
  3. Images: Each submitted article must Include at least one feature original image.
  4. External and Internal Backlinks: You can include no more than one external do-follow backlink to your website. You must also include at least two internal links to any one of our service provider category pages.
  5. Author Bio/Company Description: Each submitted article should have a 50-word author biography or company description.

    How to Submit Your Article

    To submit an article, there are several things that you must do first.

    1. We STRONGLY recommend that you consider signing up to our social network. Active members who submit guest articles are given priority and the chances of your article being accepted is significantly higher. (Be sure to verify your profile after signing up. That is, click on the link in the email (inbox and spam folder) you are sent after registering.)
    2. Visit our guest contributor registration page and register for a contributor profile (or log in if you already have a WordPress account.)

      If you sign in with an existing WordPress account make sure your WordPress profile is completely filled out to include at least the following: Full name, profile picture, author bio.)
    3. After registering, check your email (inbox and spam folder) to activate your account by clicking the link  there. When you click the Once, you’ll be taken to a page to upload your article.

      The page will show you all the requirements to be met before you can submit.

In submitting your content to us, you agree to the following terms:

  • We reserve the right to edit text and edit images to fit our editorial needs.
  • We reserve the right to include additional links, including affiliate links, to any content that you submit to us that we publish.